ChazI am a thankfully employed Special Education teacher at the middle school level.  I hold a Master of Arts in Teaching from Fontbonne University, and a B. Sc. in Biology from the University of Missouri, I am certified to teach Special Education and Science at the primary and secondary level.

As much as I love electronics, I decided not to attend a trade school after high school because I did not want my hobby to become work, and lose its appeal.

People are surprised that I don’t pursue a career in electronics, but frankly I just want to dabble in it for fun, not make it a job.  Work is work, that’s why they call it that!

Radiowise I enjoy operating QRP, Digital, and am working on my Worked All States Certificate.  10 meters is by far my favorite band but cycle 24 has been lousy lately.

If I am not on the ham bands, I also enjoy fishing, hunting, bushcraft, magic the gathering, and video gaming.

If you came here after hearing my beacon or talking with me on the air, I want to say thank you for visiting my site.