Long Overdue Post

Hello folks!

It’s been too long since my last post here on the website!  If I haven’t posted much, it probably means I have been super-busy, and that the beacon has been pretty reliable.

Beacon:  The Tayloe Simple Transmitter is still operational, and has no problems other than a crystal replacement after finding out that it is drifting significantly off frequency.  The 28.224 crystal that was in there for 20 consecutive months.  It was part of a bulk purchase of 50, so I dint know if it was one that has aged badly.  The finals are warm, but still in good shape, might think about putting a forced air fan on it if it continues to be a problem.  I would like to buy an infrared thermometer to take measurements in the future.

Keyer:  Currently set on 13wpm.  Future inclusion of website message soon!

Antenna:  A storm last week broke an overhanging tree branch that landed on top of the 10 meter dipole.  While there didn’t seem to be any damage, it was later found to have coax damage where the branch had hit.  Upon closer inspection of the balun,  there was significant UV damage.  The radiating elements were very tarnished, and the lamp cord wire uses was starting to fray and tarnish.  I replaced the wire with fresh 14 gauge un-insulated copper wire and rehung the antenna this afternoon.  I want to get a Solarcon A-99 when funds are available.

The antenna currently is up 15 feet, pointed NE,  40 degrees from magnetic north.



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